Zica Toys Captain Action Update

Earlier this year we told you about Zica Toys’ announcement that they were making a 3 3/4″ Captain Action figure. Well now they’ve made yet another update on their Facebook page about the figure and showed off a SDCC reveal as well!


Zica Cap Action BFS 01

This first picture shows off the new sculpt for Zica Toys’ Captain Action figure. They had revealed a digital sculpt a couple of months ago but they have since updated the figure with this new render. You’ll notice that they have employed the Boss Fight Studio crew to sculpt the new Captain Action, Zica has also mentioned that they have increased the scale from 3.75″ to a full 4″ scale so that the figure can blend in with more modern figures. You can also see the Captain comes with his classic gun and sword.


Zica Cap Action Silver Streak 01

Zica Toys also showed off Captain Action’s Silver Streak amphibian vehicle they revealed at SDCC! The vehicle looks almost dead on to the original and has a great 50’s sci-fi feel to it.

Zica Cap Action Silver Streak 02


With each reveal, this Captain Action line looks like one to buy even if you don’t know much about the character.

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