Year of The Horse MP Optimus Prime Review/ Gallery

Well, being stuck in the house has it’s advantages and with this being a snow day I figured why not have some fun. The fun I am talking about is playing around with the new Year of the Horse MP Optimus Prime. I know many collectors hate the gold accents but it does little to take away the awesomeness of this MP Transformer. Yes I know this is technically a re-issue but lets face it, the 1st release had a boring regular trailer; this one has a wicked cool clear trailer. Yes I know that argument is invalid but I had to get this release.

Now I do not own the 1st release anymore and when I saw this one was on tap I figured why not. From what I know the figure is basically the same minus the paint apps and trailer but I do feel this one is different enough to own. Have you guys ever wondered where Prime’s trailer vanished to when he transformed? Well, I do believe it went invisible just like this one. I know, that’s another weak argument but do work with me here.

The transformation is the same and easy to say the least. Even for a newb, he was not that difficult. Now those seeker jets is a different story but we will save that rant for another day. Check out the images below and we did change up things just a bit. They might seem a little dark but we wanted them that way. Look for Prime to hit Toys R Us soon and you can order him through all the major online sites now.

IMG_2671_1024x683 IMG_2680_1024x683 IMG_2681_1024x683 IMG_2683_1024x683 IMG_2689_1024x683 IMG_2695_1024x683 IMG_2696_1024x683 IMG_2699_1024x683 IMG_2701_1024x683 IMG_2702_1024x696 IMG_2704_1024x683 IMG_2705_1024x683 IMG_2707_1024x683 IMG_2708_1024x683 IMG_2709_1024x683 IMG_2710_683x1024 IMG_2714_753x1024 IMG_2716_1024x683 IMG_2718_1024x683 IMG_2719_1024x683 IMG_2720_1024x683 IMG_2722_1024x683 IMG_2723_683x1024 IMG_2724_1024x683 IMG_2725_1024x683 IMG_2727_683x1024 IMG_2728_683x1024 IMG_2729_1024x683 IMG_2731_683x1024 IMG_2778_683x1024 IMG_2779_1024x683 IMG_2781_1024x683 IMG_2782_1024x683 IMG_2783_1024x683 IMG_2784_1024x683 IMG_2787_1024x683 IMG_2788_1024x683 IMG_2790_683x1024 IMG_2791_683x1024 IMG_2793_1024x683 IMG_2794_1024x683 IMG_2795_1024x683 IMG_2796_1024x683 IMG_2797_1024x683 IMG_2798_1024x683 IMG_2799_1024x704