Yamaguchi Revoltech Spider-Man

We now have new official photos and details for the upcoming Figure Complex Amazing Yamaguchi Revoltech Spider-Man. The details come from figsoku. The fully articulated figure will stand a little over 6″ tall and he includes an assortment of interchangeable eyes and numerous hands. It will also include various webbing lines and effects, and a clasp to mount figure on a vertical surface. Look for this figure to hit this coming January and he will retail for around $62USD or 6, 372 Yen. More to come folks!

figure-complex-revoltech-spider-man-001 figure-complex-revoltech-spider-man-002 figure-complex-revoltech-spider-man-003 figure-complex-revoltech-spider-man-004 figure-complex-revoltech-spider-man-005 figure-complex-revoltech-spider-man-006 figure-complex-revoltech-spider-man-007 figure-complex-revoltech-spider-man-008 figure-complex-revoltech-spider-man-009 figure-complex-revoltech-spider-man-010 figure-complex-revoltech-spider-man-011