XTransbots APOLLYON MX-I (AKA MP Megatron)

Okay guys, if you were on the fence concerning the MP Megatron re-release then check this out. XTransbots will be releasing Apollyon MX-1 which looks to be a solid option for fans wanting a solid G1 style Masterpiece Megatron. This figure will never be released by Hasbro and I don’t think Takara will take another stab at Megatron. Honestly folks, this one looks spot on and a must have. Check out the images below and make sure you pre-order one today. Also if you ever feel guilty for buying 3rd party figures, don’t

MX-I Apollyon

535912_726617387417719_2185767474339944979_n 560159_726618627417595_1714584309881622232_n 1383207_726617397417718_7418448276612456255_n 10341942_726617370751054_1712414481769088560_n 10353553_726618550750936_4377562641996230251_n 10353565_726618557417602_5694069169303323873_n 10420251_726618624084262_8669177416675155616_n 10644886_726618620750929_5962427232831070400_n 10703683_726618547417603_336548012677743637_n XTR10023 (1) XTR10023