X-Transbots Toys Revealed New Images of Apollyon Plus Pre-Order!

X-Transbots posted some new images of their Apollyon (not Megatron) and well……you all need this now! This figure will be in the MP style and he will fit into any Transformer collection. I know most of you remember Quakewave so do not miss out on this one! We all know Hasbro nor Takara will tackle a new G1 inspired Megatron minus the Takara reissue and this might be our only shot at a near perfect G1 MP styled Megatron!

Right now BBTS has him on preorder for a mear 149.99 and he will be shipping in December (we all hope). If you missed out on Quakewave and regret it, you do not want to miss Apollyon! Get yours today!!

X-Transbots toys Apollyon

MX-I Apollyon stands 24.5cm / 9.8″ tall.
Die Cast Parts include: Gun barrel, Feet, Waist, Back.

Accessories Include:

-Asteroid Wound Chest Panel
-Sigma Activation Key
-Clone Control Helmet
-Last Stand Energy Sword
-Mace & Chain
-Pistol of Betrayal
-Alt Mode Enhancement Accessories/battle stand

Note from the Manufacturer:
**As per USA law, all gun like toys must have a plastic orange /yellow plug in the gun barrel to differencitate from a real gun. This product will include two gun barrel plugs : one in the gun barrel , one in the silencer.

Product Number: XTR10023
Shipping Weight: 2.80 pounds

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