X-Transbots Kranx Reveals Masterpiece Class Homage to Huffer

X-Transbots Kranx has released new prototype images of their Kranx figure that pays homage to Huffer with a Masterpiece scale figure.   The figure is shown in comparison with MP-10 Convoy / Optimus Prime as well as the MP-12 Sideswipe figures to give us a good scale for Huffer. Pre orders should open up soon. 

66992_514970105249116_217838665_n 533770_514970111915782_729737049_n 1098217_514970211915772_1045562647_n 1098238_514970225249104_199247818_n 1176219_514970141915779_1985664888_n 1176338_514970158582444_2001315556_n 1185552_514583155287811_761111569_n 1208945_514582751954518_1226320158_n 1235397_514970221915771_1064014369_n 1236905_514582801954513_2035641476_n 1238092_514970151915778_544134277_n 1240126_514970098582450_1089319947_n