X-Transbots APOLLYON MX-I Update

I know fans are waiting patently for Apollyon (Not Megatron) and X-Transbots is very much aware of this. They posted a small update showcasing some of the fixes for this highly anticipated figure! As you see, the holes in the front crotch plate is now gone and one major concern from the fans have been addressed; the strength of the barrel hinge! Besides sporting one of the best Megatron head sculpts in ages, this figure is shaping up nicely! Hopefully product samples will be sent out soon as I know we want to take a crack at this one soon. All I can say is I want this figure to be awesome and by continuing to address some of these issues, this will be many fans new MP Megatron. Also don’t worry about that orange plug. It has to stay and I am sure it will be removable. More as it comes and for now check out these images below!