Would the Fans Support a New 6 Inch SW Black Vehicle?

It seems there is a good possibility one of these vehicles OR playsets could be released in the Star Wars Black Six inch line. Some might say it’s going to be an epic release. Now is the time for the fandom to support a release like this and open some wallets. Off chance that we get one of these, will the fans support the release? What we all hate seeing is the big boys going on clearance. Sometimes to support a line one must take that plunge and get the product. People need to support these releases when they happen as Hasbro will stop giving us these items. Each to own some say but I for one love seeing new products for our hobby. Everyone should get excited if something from this list happens. 

Do not hesitate in supporting the brand as Hasbro does listen. Even the most finical of fans would love to see something made from this wish list. Right now is the time to show support to Hasbro by buying new product. Right now is the time to say no to clearance. Unbeknownst to all, this could lead to more exciting things down the road. Many will jump for joy this weekend. Off chance Hasbro releases something here, the fans need to get it. Real life is now and get ready. Toy Fair is here.