Wonder Woman Spoiler Free Review

Last night a new movie premiered from DC (if you did not already know) and boy, was it interesting! The movie is Wonder Woman and so far it is sitting at a 93% Rotten Tomato rating. So how was the movie you ask? Did DC deliver a solid film this time? Read on for more!

Wonder Woman was a refreshing film that can easily be broken down to 3 main parts. The first being a glimpse at Diana (Gal Gadot) from her childhood on Themyscir. The second kicks off with Diana rescuing Steve Trevor (Chris Pine), a soldier who tells the Amazons of the Great War that has claimed countless lives across Europe and the third act brings out her true self, which will thrust herself into the modern Superhero world. 

Some say the film is too long but it had to be that way to flesh out these 3 main arcs. We get to see young Diana grow up and train for what she was born for. We get to see her explore feelings she never encountered (which was refreshing) and we also get to see her reaction to the world she knew nothing of. All of this led up to the big moment that drew awes and wows from the movie crowd. This is where I will stop as I do not want to spoil anything. Now let’s look at something different. 

Fans have accused DC of taking shortcuts with their characters. It seemed as if DC was trying to catch up to Marvel in both storytelling and character development but the rushed product left fans aching. This film proves that DC can make a good product with proper development. While this was a classic origin story, it was one I wanted to watch. We got a small glimpse of her past in Superman Vs Batman and that led directly into this film. Gal Gadot was simply amazing as Wonder Woman and for once DC got something right! I’m not saying the other films were bad, hell I loved Suicide Squad, but this was something different. 

I felt the pain when Diana lost someone, I felt her anger with the atrocities of the war. I felt her compassion for the people she saved. DC made me care about the story and the characters! Once again DC MADE ME CARE FOR THEIR CHARACTERS!! That was so refreshing and it actually made me excited for Justice League. The only thing I wish DC would do is flesh out the main characters some more before jumping into a team flick. Wonder Woman is a perfect example of doing just that. 

I encourage you all to go see the film and take your children with you! With a crowded Summer release schedule, Wonder Woman deserves your viewing and your money. I give the film a solid A- as the only issue I have is the villain (small gripe is all) and with that this review is over! Congrats to DC for making a near perfect Superhero film and up next will be Justice League!