Wonder Woman Review By Comic Lover’s Wife

Let’s get 3 things out of the way…

1. Yes, this movie was better than Winter Soldier. I know I will probably get comments on that statement… but search your feelings, you know it to be true.

2. As mentioned in my previous articles, I read very limited comics. My hub is the comic lover in the family. I have always watched these films as a non-comics person and like/dislike a movie based on the film I actually watch–not what I am supposed to know ahead of time from reading the stories. I think good movies should be understandable and available for everyone to enjoy not just hard core fans. If they can accomplish this, then I consider them good films.

3. This might include some spoilers…so read at your own risk.

I have sat through a lot of super hero movies since Michael Keaton was (the best) Batman. Most of the time I come out thinking “Well, that was a good movie”.– but no major excitement. To be honest, based on DC’s track record, I was hoping above all hope at least this movie might be better than their previous dark and depressing forays. I had been disappointed in the DCEU…until now.

Finally! A super-hero movie I love!! Wonder Woman was a whole lot of action, a little bit of a love story and an emotional roller coaster. To keep this from being a book, here is the breakdown of what I thought made this a great movie.

-Wonder Woman is not a damsel in distress. She not only deflects bullets and kicks ass (I am talking some major ass kicking…the no-mans-land scene and final battle were epic!) even in non-battle scenes she takes charge of many of the situations and makes it happen! It was awesome to see the woman save the day and not just be a side kick, a minor supporting character or one who is deeply flawed.

-She was a moral compass. More than one scene in the movie showed Wonder Woman questioning the male dominated society figures of the time about their actions/lack of and choices. There were several scenes where she acted on what she knew was the right thing to do and not based on what society expected of her or the men tried to tell her to do. When she left Thermscira she was so naive and the movie did a great job of showing her struggle with figuring out how the world actually worked. It showed how she learned and adjusted her views to accept the reality of modern life-without straying in her core beliefs. Even in her final fight, when she had the choice to do away with man, based on their inhumanity to each other, she still found that they were also good and it was not hers
to destroy them.

-She used her skills and brain to solve problems. While Gal Gadot is a pretty woman, the story did not have her seducing men or using ‘womanly wiles’ to get her way. She used her physical strength, fight training, strategy and mental abilities to get her out of situations. Wonder Woman was a strong, independent character that went above ‘sexy’ to show that a female super hero can be more than the tight leather outfits and can be a true leader.

-There was a little bit of a love story…but it fit in the grand scheme. Wonder Woman fell for Steve Trevor, but it seemed more like because he was the first man she had ever met, she liked he was trying to help and they were in a tense situation together. It was like a sweet ‘your first-love’ kinda thing where it’s new. I liked that they didn’t spend time fawning over each other, have the story go too far into love story or just use it for convenience to emotionally
control someone (yeah Black Widow/Hulk, I’m talking about you).

-It was an emotional roller coaster. The closest I have come previously to having any positive emotional connection to a main stream movie super hero character was in Capt. America when they did his back story and he was still a scrappy little guy out to fight the good fight and giving it his best. Instead of just flashbacks, Wonder Woman took the time in the back story to show you how she was raised, why she thought the way she did and got you invested in her. Watching her during the movie…the adrenaline was pumping from the fight scenes, the little bit of love story was sweet, there were a couple of tear jerking moments. The biggest surprise was that I felt a little conflicted
because parts of the movie made you wonder how you would react in the same situation. And here comes a super hero shocker…a main character dies doing a noble deed…and STAYS dead!

To me, this is the new high bar of super hero movies. I hope this is a sign of better things to come for the DCEU. Go! Go see this movie. Let Wonder Woman be the hero that saves the day and the DCEU.