Wonder Festival Summer 2013: Kotobukiya

Kotobukita had some killer pieces on display at Wonder Fest. Even though we saw most of these at SDCC we cannot get enough of the Bishoujo statues. If you ask me, this line is red hot right now and to me this seems to be the best line up yet. Also on display was some of their upcoming Star Wars ARTFX statues. 

  • Kotobukiya Bishoujo Statues
  • Kotobukiya Star Wars Statues

Wonder-Festival-2014-Kotobukiya-1 Wonder-Festival-2014-Kotobukiya-2 Wonder-Festival-2014-Kotobukiya-3 Wonder-Festival-2014-Kotobukiya-4 Wonder-Festival-2014-Kotobukiya-5 Wonder-Festival-2014-Kotobukiya-6 Wonder-Festival-2014-Kotobukiya-7 Wonder-Festival-2014-Kotobukiya-8 Wonder-Festival-2014-Kotobukiya-9 Wonder-Festival-2014-Kotobukiya-10 Wonder-Festival-2014-Kotobukiya-11