What’s Next For Star Wars Black Six Inch Series

So you purchased the inaugural wave of the Star Wars Black 6″ series AND you scored the SDCC Boba Fett, what now? As far as retail goes I am seeing very little left for the 6″ series. I am assuming sales have been brisk and fan excitement is high for this line. Some might be wondering when the next wave is due and I can answer that for you! Coming this November we will get:

  • Slave Leia
  • Han Solo
  • Greedo 
  • Boba Fett

This wave is looking really sharp (looking at you Fett) and I know the fans who missed the SDCC Exclusive will hunt to no end for the standard edition Boba. The line has promise and I want it to succeed on so many levels. I am hoping Hasbro gives this line some time to mature because they have something special right now.

Come on November….I want some more SW BLACK FIGURES!!

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