What to Look Forward to At JoeCon 2015

While there are several things to look forward to at this years Joecon, there is one thing that stands out! Hasbro! Yes Hasbro will be in attendance at this years show. The last few years Hasbro has been MIA from the con and this year they will be there. The new Brand Manager Mark Weber will be on hand to (hopefully), show off some awesome new GI Joe products for 2015/ 2016. Word has come down that GI Joe will be absent from this years Toy Fair presentation so Joecon is the place to be!

Usually at Toy Fair, Hasbro reveals general releases and no exclusives so it could be that GI Joe is not ready for mass retail release BUT they could have exclusives lined up. This is, by far, one of the most anticipated events from the Con. Besides Hasbro here are some of the events to look forward to come Con time.

1-Hasbro Presentation– New product reveals are always awesome

2- Collectors Club Presentation– FSS 4.0 AND more!

3- Salesroom Floor! This year we will see some wicked GI Joe products for sale. If your into vintage then this is your show!

4- Con Dinner/ Casino Night– While the Con dinner can be a hit or miss, the casino night event can be fun. This will give fans a chance to mingle at the gambling tables. Who knows, you might make some new friends.

5- Bingo! If your not into the casino atmosphere then this is for you. This event is always packed and believe it or not, it’s a ton of fun.

6- Joe Declassified– This my friends is a must see event. In fact, last year they had there own panel and tons of history was revealed. Besides a panel, they have their own booth and the set up is amazing. You will see cancelled items, prototypes and so much more. While you’re at it, make sure to snag a copy of the Declass magazine. Just note NO photographs are allowed in the booth.

7- Panels– In the past we have seen panels that stretched from the original GI joe 12″ line to modern collecting. There is always a panel for everyone so make sure to take one in.

8- After Hours Fan Events– There are so many after hour events that I cannot list them all. One to take in is the Crappy Figure Brigade Meeting. No words can describe this event but this will give you a chance to mingle with other like minded fans. This usually takes place after Casino Night and the host hotel lobby is the place to be.

9- Room to Room Trading– Yes, there is room to room trading and you can score some awesome items! Look for more info come closer to Con.

10- Here is the most important thing to look forward too….meeting new friends! Just take some time and mingle. If you think you are alone trust me when I say this, you are not. This is how I met my friends at Con. Just start talking to people and you will see how much fun it is. Also being a member of a board helps but for some, it is not needed. Once we get closer to Con we will have a survival guide posted. We have so much to look forward to so stay tuned!