What About Bob?

A Look at Bob: Agent Of Hydra

Let’s let Deadpool Month continue on.

Everybody needs a buddy, that guy who has your back when you need him. The guy who can be your wingman. A guy who is smooth, steady, and resolute.

Bob is none of these things. He’s a coward, he’s weak willed, but he’s loyal… until his safety is threatened that is. However, in a way he is the perfect person to be Deadpool’s sidekick. From his first appearance in Cable and Deadpool  #38 Bob has become an integral part of Deadpool’s family.




Bob, as the title suggests, is a Hydra agent. He’s one of the faceless masked men in green that routinely gets their butt stomped by the heroes. It was in this capacity that he ran across a four inch tall Deadpool. Deadpoll had snuck into Hydra to rescue the captured USA and the mini-Pool tortured Bob into betraying the organization.

That’s right.

Bob was terrified by a four inch Deadpool and gave up information because of Deadpool’s torturing.


It's not his fault, he's got hemorrhoids.

It’s not his fault, he’s got hemorrhoids.

Since then, Bob has been an ever present figure in Deadpool’s life, to the point that he has effectively replaced long time “pal” Weasel as Deadpool’s go to reluctant running buddy and punching bag. When Deadpool needs a hand, a car, and ship- something to get him out of a tight spot; he calls on his buddy Bob.

The fact that Bob is hesitant to accept but too terrified to say no adds a great counterpoint and undercut to this relationship. Weasel is barely trusting of Deadpool, Blind Al has enough attitude to be his equal, everyone Wade knows is put off by him but confident and tough enough to stand their ground when it comes to him.

Bob is not one of these things


A friendship in plastic

A friendship in plastic

I think that is what sets Bob apart from everybody else- not just in Deadpools circle but within the Marvel Universe itself- there is absolutely nothing special about this man. Bob is a normal guy thrust into abnormal situations. He reacts as a normal guy does when faced with something he can’t handle. He whines, he pleads, he gets hurt, but he manages to get out. Scathed more often than not but he does get out alive.


It’s his normalcy and ability to get out of insane situations that has endeared him to many in Deadpool’s fandom. Bob has become a cult hero in his own right and that is without him doing very much heroic. Bob is unique and that makes him loved. He’s us.

His craven nature has been so engrained that when he does actually make a move against anyone it’s surprising. Daniel Way utilized this best during Deadpool’s search for a serum that would undo his healing factor. Throughout the entire story, with all the twists and turns and mysteries that unfold , having Bob be the guy that delivers the jab is frankly surprising because of how direct an action it is. You don’t expect that from Bob. It’s the moments of action-few though they may be- that does keep Bob somewhat admirable, even if he’s trying to help his best friend kill himself.


Say cheese… or I’ll stab you up.

And Bob is Wade’s best friend. Bob’s been there for Wade no matter how much he really doesn’t. It isn’t that Bob doesn’t like the Mouthy Merc, it’s that he knows what happens when he tags along: murder and destruction.

However, you cannot overstate the impact that Bob has had on Wade. When Bob points out that his actions in “curing” Deadpool of his healing factor will result in him being killed, Deadpool shows remorse and works to get Bob out of his jam before he continues on with killing himself. Remorse for Deadpool is huge, only Blind Al has been able to elicit that kind of care from the Canadian killer for hire.


Bob’s relationship with Deadpool is such that it bleeds over even into the Max series where Bob is the only guy that Deadpool trusts. In a reversal of roles though; now it is Bob who manipulates Deadpool into getting involved in ultra-violent situations.

You never call anymore

You never call anymore

The story of Bob and Wade isn’t over by a long shot. They have been through highs and lows together and every time you think that Bob is out; Deadpool pulls him back in. Currently, Bob has been recruited by Deadpool to help him in transporting Dracula’s future bride to him in the digital powerhouse story “The Gauntlet” (now available on comixology and you should be reading it, it’s epic). This of course as not planned out well for Bob as per usual and this time Bob’s dragged Hydra along with him.


Nobody survives Bob-ster fest

Nobody survives Bob-ster fest