Weebles Haunted House – Random Toys

Continuing with our look at spooky toys this week, we’ve got an old one for all the preschoolers out there, the Weebles Haunted House.

weebles-haunted-house-001The Weebles Haunted House came out in 1976 (3 years before I was born) It’s a basic house shape made primarily from blue and white plastic.




weebles-haunted-house-002There are a lot of sculpted details on the house including misaligned shutters, a haphazard fence and a basic wood grain texture all over. Some stickers are used for a few details like the walkway, beware of ghost signs and such. I really like the round window in the second floor as that adds some character to the house



weebles-haunted-house-003Here you can see the house has a belfry tower on the back of it, this is also a play feature we’ll talk about later. The shingles on the roof have a few sculpted areas showing some holes (or just lack of shingles) You can also see with this side shot, that just like any good 80’s playset, this one opens up at the halfway point. There is a handle on the roof that when lifted will latch the playset closed.



weebles-haunted-house-004Once opened up, you can see that there are 3 levels on each side. The bottom four levels each have stickers to give the rooms detail. The top two levels (AKA: The Attic) just use the plastic for any details. The Belfry Tower can be removed as can the roof of the tower.





The House comes with four pieces of furniture, A Couch, Bed, Chair & Treasure Chest. The Chest has a latch that allows the lid to be opened where you can see the sculpted coins inside. The instructions caution to be wary of the Bats when you open the chest. The Bats are a sticker on the inside of the chest lid. The lid is held on by a thin piece of plastic so I’d be wary of breaking that rather than the Bats.


weebles-haunted-house-005The upstairs Bedroom has the round window from the front of the house and the wall sticker goes around that. While the sticker doesn’t exactly show anything to make this room a bedroom, it’s the only room (other than the attic) where the bed could really go (The other three rooms are definitely not bedrooms)



weebles-haunted-house-007Across from the Bedroom is the Study. The sticker here features a Grandfather Clock, small table and a Fireplace. You’ll notice the Fireplace has an actual hole in the wall. This is the play feature of the Belfry Tower. You can drop a Weeble from the Attic (or outside the House) into the Tower and it’ll come tumbling into the Study out of the Fireplace (This would be a great feature if this was a Santa themed house)


weebles-haunted-house-006Below the Study, we have the Living Room. There’s no real play features here so it’s got a basic sticker wall. There are cobwebs on the wall like all of the other stickers, however, the water stains are not supposed to be part of the sticker. These paper stickers are pretty old. It does kinda add to the creepy factor though.



weebles-haunted-house-008Lastly we have the Foyer. The sticker wall shows a ghost in the mirror, but the real draw is the book case. If you’ll remember, on the outside, there’s an extended bay window behind the book case. This is so you can spin the book case around to reveal a fun house mirror (The glue on the mirror has given way over time so it’s not as warped as it should be) You can also put a figure behind the book case so they are peeking out of the window outside.


weebles-haunted-house-010The Weebles Haunted House came with four Weebles. A scared Boy & Girl, a Witch (With removable hat) and a Glow in the Dark Ghost (Which I’d love to have) Unfortunately I do not have any of these figures, but the House is a great size for smaller figures like Playmobil or Minimates so you are not stuck with only using Weebles in it.


weebles-haunted-house-011I have found one of the most perfect matches of figure to house with the Glow Ghosts. These are just the right size for the house and have the same kiddified appearance to them that they just match up wonderfully.




For many years, I had a vague memory of an old haunted house playset with a rotating bookcase feature. All I could remember was finding it at a Thrift Store or Flea Market and my mom asking if I really wanted it, then playing with the rotating bookcase. (We’re talking before Pre-School days so it was a LONG time ago to remember anything) It took a good amount of internet searching before I stumbled upon the Weebles Haunted House. Once I saw pictures of it, I was fairly certain it was the toy I had been searching years for. Shortly after solving this memory mystery, I found one at the Hillsville Flea Market with all of the furniture, but none of the Weebles that came with it. A few months after that, I found another House in much better condition at a Goodwill (That is the one I took pictures of for this review) I have since even seen a fully complete one at a local toy show. It’s funny that before I figured out what it was, I hadn’t seen it since my childhood, then in the span of a year or so I’d found 3 in the wild!

This is one of those toys I would never part with as it hits many points for me: I had one as a child, it’s vintage and has a spookyish vibe to it. The fact that it works so well with the Glow Ghosts cements it’s place in my personal toy hierarchy.