Warbotron WB-01A Air Burst Review/ Gallery

Air Burst is one of the five figures that forms the mighty Warbotron, one of the tallest combiners created so far and we have him here for all of you guys to check out. Air Burst has been out for a few months but we felt the timing was right to showcase this figure. 

As of this post, we will be receiving the next combiner in this series, Heavy Noisy and the excitement continues to build for this heavy war beast, Bruticus or I should say Not-Bruticus. This is my first go around with 3rd Party combiners and so far so good. AirBurst has solid construction and has a ton of movement that one would expect from a “Transformer”. The packaging and feel of this 3rd party release makes it seem legit and not a “custom” or as some say bootleg knock off toy.

The way I look at it is the 3rd Part is honoring our beloved Transformers and giving us something Hasbro nor Takara cannot give. Ill have more on that latter in a special report but lets reel our focus back to Air Burst. This figure comes with 2 guns, a comic/ instruction book and a special Warbotron card. The packaging is above and beyond cool and you can tell a ton of work went into this figure. I am thrilled with the final product and I cannot wait to build my first 3rd party combiner. Warbotron pulled me in hard and mix that with other cool releases, it’s safe to say I am a Transformer fan and I look forward to what’s next.

One quick note, the transformation can be a tad tricky but overall, he was okay to transform. I suspect that hard core Transformer collectors will have no issue with him. Check out the images below and keep an eye out for Heavy Noisy!

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