Warbotron Sly Strike Review and Gallery

The Mighty Warbotron just released the next combiner to the unofficial Bruticus and this one is a must have. Once we have all the individual figures for “Bruticus, Warbotron will be one of the largest 3rd Party Transformers to date. Sly Strike is the next release and a much better improvement over the disappointment of Heavy Noisy.

To start, Sly Strike is a solid Transformer with tight joints, good articulation and a solid transformation. This one was frustrating to transform at first, but once you figure it out it becomes a cinch (tuck up those arms folks). He has plenty of panels to cover up some open areas but be careful of some of those clips. They are a tad tight but I do believe they will hold up.

It seems Warbotron corrected some of the issues that plagued Heavy Noisy. Sly Strike has some good weight in both robot and Transformer mode, which gives him some solid cred. Overall this release is awesome and of course a must have for Warbotron. Thanks to this release my faith in Warbotron has been restored. I know this review is short but trust me, he is incredible and I feel it’s important to let the images tell the rest of the story. Check them out below!!

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