Warbotron Heavy Noisy Gallery and Review

This one folks, is a disappointment. As a Transformer fan I found this release from Warbotron a tad lacking. Now before I get into this just know you HAVE to get this piece if you plan to build the mighty Warbotron AKA Not Bruticus. Right off the bat you can tell the quality was lacking. Where there should have been joints, there was none. At times it felt like I was going to break this figure. The chest area especially felt cheap and a far cry from Hasbro quality. The arms did not move properly and the legs, well, the legs should have been given an extra joint.

Now I know this is not a grand review but honestly I am still eyeing the prize. I want this combiner and I know he will be majestic once completed. I just hate to settle for something that could have been better. In vehicle mode Heavy Noisy is quite nice. You have to play around with the transformation but once you get it, it’s awesome. Some fans might have a different take on this release but for me it’s frustrating. Air Burst was amazing AND I wanted this one to be as well. I am hoping the next release address some of these issues as I still plan on completing this task. If I was to rate this figure I would give it 5 out of 10 in robot mode and 9 out of 10 for vehicle mode.

Note: I did not add the guns to the shield or the top of the tank. Just know they do fit just fine.

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