Walking Dead Series 4 Minimates Lori, Alice & Shoulder Zombie

It’s the mid season Walking Dead Sunday! Today we’re looking at the LCS Sets with Lori and the variant set with Alice.

Alice Lori Package

These are the Regular and Variant sets that include the Shoulder Zombie. Prison Lori was replaced with Alice from Woodbury in the Variant set.


Alice WD MM 01
Alice has her doctor coat on in the package but she comes with spare arms to give her a coat-less look

Alice WD MM 02

She’s going to need that look for fighting zombies anyway

Alice WD MM 04

She also comes with a shotgun. If you pick up both the Alice and Lori sets you can now re-enact a scene from the comics

Alice WD MM 03


Lori WD MM 01

Prison Lori looks just like her name suggests, it’s Lori wearing prison clothes.

Lori WD MM 02

Lori comes with a Rifle (Same one we’ve seen multiple times in this line) and a new accessory/spare hand…..

Lori WD MM 03

Baby Judith! Seriously, this is the main reason to get this set, who doesn’t want their minimates holding a wrapped up baby while fighting Zombies?

Lori WD MM 04


Shoulder Zombie WD MM 01

Now here’s the Zombie so nice DST gave it to you twice! The Shoulder zombie!

Shoulder Zombie WD MM 02

The torso block is sculpted to show some ground up meat and skin flaps around the shoulder area. The face tampo nicely brings the skinned look up into half the face showing muscle and sinew underneath.

Shoulder Zombie WD MM 03

All the press pictures show the Shoulder Zombie with two arms, but he looks just as good with only one arm also.

Alice Lori Title

So in closing, do you need these sets? Well, Alice and Lori both help fill out the prison group nicely (Even though we already have a Lori) The Shoulder Zombie is a nice zombie that is fairly unique and the Baby Judith accessory makes the Prison Lori set a must have. So I’d say definitely grab that one, the Alice Variant set could be hit or miss (But that’s what I’d like in a Variant set. A figure for the hardcore collector, but not exactly a necessary main character you HAVE to have)