Walking Dead Minimates Tyreese & Prison Michonne

We reviewed the Series 5 Toys R Us exclusive wave a couple of months ago, so now we’ll take a look at the local comic store wave of Series 5 starting with Tyreese and Prison Michonne!

WD Tyreese Michonne 01 MOC


We’ve seen Tyreese in DST’s display cases since the first TRU series was shown off in 2012 so it’s nice to finally see him released here now.

WD Tyreese Michonne 02 Tyreese

Tyreese has a basic civilian look inspired by his first appearance.


WD Tyreese Michonne 03 Tyreese Hair

He comes with a spare hair piece so you can have him wear his toboggan or not.


WD Tyreese Michonne 04 No Weapons

Unfortunately, there is no signature weapon like his Hammer and due to the way the weapons in this pack are placed, it appears Tyreese doesn’t actually come with any weapons at all……


……That’s ok though since he’s packed with the living Weapon, Michonne!


WD Tyreese Michonne 05 Prison Michonne

Michonne is now wearing her prison outfit with a gun belt


WD Tyreese Michonne 06 Face

This figure also has the meanest face we’ve seen on Michonne thus far (which is saying something since she is always shown scowling)


WD Tyreese Michonne 07 Armory

Like I said, the way the weapons are packed in this set, it appears Michonne comes with all the weapons which include Michonne’s signature sword, a pistol and a shotgun (The pictures of prototype Tyreese from 2012, show him holding this same shotgun) The pistol sits very nicely in the holster and doesn’t fall out too easily.


WD Tyreese Michonne 08 Prison Group

This Michonne makes our official Prison group seven strong! She matches well with the other Prison figures and is a welcome addition to the group theme.


While this set does include yet another Michonne (I think we’re up to 5 now) We do finally get a regular Tyreese figure we’ve been waiting 2 years for. The set may not set the world on fire but it is full of major characters and that can always be a plus.