Walking Dead Minimates Traveler Rick & Business Zombie

Rounding out the Toys R Us exclusive Series 5 Walking Dead Minimates is Traveler Rick Grimes & Business Zombie!

TRU WD 5 Rick Business 01 MOC



TRU WD 5 Rick Business 02 Traveler Rick

So here’s another Rick Grimes. Noticeable differences here is the clean white T-Shirt (I think the first one he’s had) We also see the reappearance of the bandaged stump (which I love) and the Backpack/Flashlight combo we originally saw with TRU exclusive Glenn way back in Series 1. Rick also comes with his trusty revolver and the same Shotgun we’ve gotten a total of 7 times now!


TRU WD 5 Rick Business 03 Cop Rick

Rick also has a nice addition of a police windbreaker jacket piece w/extra arms. The shoulders have badges tampo’d on them. I really like this look for Rick.


TRU WD 5 Rick Business 05 Business

The Business Zombie reuses the mangled arm piece we saw with the Dreadlock Zombie in Series 3 and a turned around skirt from the Series 1 Female Zombie. The skirt works well as part of the pantsuit.


TRU WD 5 Rick Business 06 Head

The vacant stare of big business


TRU WD 5 Rick Business 07 Arm

Business Zombie also comes with a normal arm for those who like to add variations to their zombies.


TRU WD 5 Rick Business 08 Action

Thus concludes our look at the Toys R Us exclusive Series 5 Walking Dead Minimates. I expected this set to be a little meh, but like some of the other sets in this series, I was surprised by what figures I liked more. The Business Zombie is a nice look and depicts her appearance from the comics very well. This Rick is the 7th Rick Grimes we’ve gotten and yet, while wearing the police windbreaker, I find myself enjoying the figure more than I thought I would. It’s a nice variation on a major figure we’ve seen a lot in this toyline.


TRU WD 5 Rick Business 09 Title