Walking Dead Minimates Maggie Greene & Riot Gear Glenn

Series 5 continues with another set showcasing a reused theme and an all new character. This time we get our first non TRU exclusive Glenn and his love interest Maggie!


WD Maggie Glenn 01 MOC

This is the first two pack involving Maggie and Glenn, what’s funny though is that neither of these versions of Maggie and Glenn interacted with each other.


WD Maggie Glenn 02 Maggie Greene

This Maggie figure is based on her latest look long after the group has left the prison behind. She comes with a long coat.


WD Maggie Glenn 04 No Jacket

You can remove the coat and show off Maggie wearing a T-Shirt instead.


WD Maggie Glenn 03 Weapons

Maggie comes with two pistols, a six shooter and a clip style pistol.


WD Maggie Glenn 05 Riot Gear Glenn

Riot Gear Glenn shows up in the same Riot Gear we’ve seen a few times now.


WD Maggie Glenn 07 Glenn Hat

Glenn comes with two regular hands and the torso has the same shirt tampo all the Riot Gear figures have. For the fans who may have missed out on getting any of the previous TRU exclusive Glenn figures, this one does come with his baseball cap to at least help with some easy customs.


WD Maggie Glenn 06 Riot Weapons

Just like the other Riot Gear figures, Glenn comes with a pistol and nightstick.


WD Maggie Glenn 08 Riot Gear

This now makes our fourth official Riot Gear figure (I think they only had 2 or 3 suits in the comic 🙂 )


So while this is the 3rd Glenn we’ve gotten, it is the first non exclusive version. I kinda wish we’d get a prison or farm version of Maggie, but I’m happy to finally have a main character like Maggie in my collection so I’ll take what version I can. Like the Michonne/Tyreese set, there’s nothing super crazy about this set, but it does have main characters to fill out the cast and that’s always a good thing.