Walking Dead Minimates Eugene Porter & Emaciated Zombie

Today we’re looking at the second of the labeled TRU exclusive Walking Dead Series 5 sets, Eugene Porter and Emaciated Zombie!

TRU WD 5 Eugene Emaciated 01 MOC

Like I mentioned with the Abraham Ford set, while this one is marked as a Toys R Us exclusive, the whole wave is made up of actual TRU exclusives


TRU WD 5 Eugene Emaciated 02 Porter

Eugene isn’t as instantly recognizable as Abraham Ford was, but you can see the subtle hints there like the Member’s Only jacket and the slight double chin in the face.


TRU WD 5 Eugene Emaciated 03 Head

Close up of Eugene’s face


TRU WD 5 Eugene Emaciated 04 Mullet

The mullet doesn’t really work as well as I would hope, but I’m not sure there’s a better way to make it. I do like the little bit of sideburns the hair piece has.


TRU WD 5 Eugene Emaciated 05 Torso

While the jacket looks like it bows out a little to try to show Eugene’s round stomach, the tampo on the torso really shows off how overweight Eugene is. I like the torso so much I wish there were arms to go with it to make a jacketless look.


TRU WD 5 Eugene Emaciated 06 Weapons

What Eugene does come with is a machine gun……Guns are nice, but really, we have more than enough of them in this line. What Eugene should have come with is a walkie talkie. There was a nice looking one that just came out with the Lara Croft Minimate from the Tomb Raider line that would have worked well.


TRU WD 5 Eugene Emaciated 08 Zombie

The Emaciated Zombie is one of the dirtier looking zombies we’ve gotten recently. I like the clever reuse of the Series 2 One Eyed Zombie arm as a dried up arm instead of flesh stripped arm like it’s been used before.


TRU WD 5 Eugene Emaciated 09 Head


TRU WD 5 Eugene Emaciated 10 Action

This is the second “colorful” zombie from this series, I like some of the figures having vibrant colors like the pastels the Emaciated Zombie has, but what wins this figure over is the tampo lines showing the bony legs poking through the pants and the torn and dirty clothes.

I think the zombie is the winner in this set. Eugene is kinda bland, I really like his torso because it shows diversity in body types, but it’s hidden by the jacket. The only other plus for Eugene is he’s a new character we haven’t gotten before.


TRU WD 5 Eugene Emaciated 11 Title