Walking Dead Minimates Caesar Martinez, Geek Zombie & Survivor Morgan

With this review we’re checking out two packs since one is a variant of the other. Caesar Martinez, Geek Zombie & Survivor Morgan are the three characters we’ll be looking at from these two sets.


WD Caesar Zombie 01 MOC

The “variant” set from this wave includes one of the Governor’s spies, Caesar Martinez and the Geek Zombie


WD Caesar Zombie 02

Martinez comes with the same gun belt Prison Michonne has and a new do rag hair piece. The rest of Martinez’s outfit looks good with a denim appearance to it.


WD Caesar Zombie 03 Weapons

Martinez comes with a Machine Gun and Pistol.


WD Caesar Zombie 04 Geek Zombie

The Geek Zombie has a nice look to it with the muddied t-shirt/pants combo and an intestine hand.


WD Caesar Zombie 05 Bites

One of the details I like on the Geek Zombie is the sculpted torso showing ripped flesh and muscle.


WD Caesar Zombie 06 Detail

I also like the tampo on the bloodied hand, something about it just screams gory zombie hand to me.


WD Caesar Zombie 07 Action

This is a very nice set, we get two new characters and the only zombie in this wave is cool looking and was featured prominently in the comic for a couple of panels.


WD Caesar Zombie 08 Morgan MOC

The regular set from this wave has Survivor Morgan paired up with the Geek Zombie.


WD Caesar Zombie 09 Morgan

This is a disheveled and pissed off Morgan. The clothes tampo/paint job show that he’s been through a lot since we last saw him.


WD Caesar Zombie 10 Weapons

Morgan comes with a shovel and pistol.


WD Caesar Zombie 11 Morgan Compare

I’m not too sure why we needed another Morgan since I figured the previous one was our “Crazy Morgan” figure due to the long hair. Looking at the outfit this new Morgan has, I can accept him more as a Crazy Morgan than the first figure we got.


WD Caesar Zombie 12 Custom

With the addition of Tyreese’s hair piece, you can easily make that first Morgan figure into a more sane, living with his son, Morgan if you really want first appearance version.


WD Caesar Zombie 13 Farm Tools

I do enjoy the figures that come with farm tool accessories as I feel there should be more characters running around with those implements in a post apocalyptic zombie world.


WD Caesar Zombie 14 Action

This set may include a repeat character, but at least the body is different enough from the previous figure, it has a fun weapon and a nice new zombie.