Walking Dead Minimates Abraham Ford & Military Zombie

Toys R Us Walking Dead Series 5 just hit stores and we’re taking a look at the newcomers, Abraham Ford and the Military Zombie!


TRU WD 5 Abraham Military 01 MOC

The packaging is the same as it’s been since Series 1. This pack is one of the two that has the TRU Exclusive sticker on it, but the whole series is a TRU exclusive with no repeated figures in the LCS wave.


TRU WD 5 Abraham Military 02

Abraham looks like he stepped right off the comic page (and TV screen now) He appears to be reusing the belt the Governor figure came with. The camo pattern paint job is a nice touch and looks good all the way around the legs.


TRU WD 5 Abraham Military 03 Head

The grim, determined face of Abraham Ford


TRU WD 5 Abraham Military 04 Weapons

Abraham is full of weapons, Knife (in working belt sheath) Pistol & Machine Gun. There is not one single complaint with this figure, this is Abraham Ford through and through.


TRU WD 5 Abraham Military 05 Zombie

Next up in the pack is the military zombie. As with most of the Zombies, we see some reused parts here in the half arm and guts.


TRU WD 5 Abraham Military 06 Zombie Parts

The Military Zombie comes with a full right arm as well so you can have the more boring looking, comic accurate version.


TRU WD 5 Abraham Military 07 Zombie


This set is a must have if only for the fact that it has a major character like Abraham Ford in it. The Zombie is also very nice being that it is one of the Zombies that appeared in a full splash page in the comic. I like the military theme the whole set has and it’s nice seeing such a theme to pull the figures together.


TRU WD 5 Abraham Military 09 Title