Walgreens Exclusive The Black Series 6″ Prototype Boba Fett Revealed!!

Star Wars.com just broke this baby out! Coming to Walgreens will indeed be the Prototype Boba Fett. Look for this bad boy come August and preorders will open up at SDCC! This is indeed one awesome piece and with all the Walgreens locations in the US, this should be an easy score for all. Kudos for Hasbro for getting this figure to a retailer THAT will put him out! Also the price should be around $19.99.

While Boba Fett’s iconic Mandalorian armor has become one of the most famous designs in all of Star Wars, it started out with a very different color scheme. In early concept art by Ralph McQuarrie and Joe Johnston,  the bounty hunter was depicted wearing sleek, all-white armor. 

Hasbro’s figure is a tribute to this important piece of Star Wars history and design — look for it exclusively at Walgreens this fall, with preorders opening at San Diego Comic-Con later this month!