Voltron Hyper-Phase Legendary Lion Assortment SDCC 2018

Playmates have sent word on a very impressive Voltron SDCC 2018 exclusive set; Voltron Hyper-Phase Legendary Lion gift set and this one you do not want to miss! The good news is you have options on where to purchase this piece so rest assured, a little work and this can be yours!! Read on for all the details and remember, SDCC is the place you want to be in scoring this piece. 

Voltron Hyper-Phase Legendary Lion Assortment Set Overview:

To achieve Hyper-phase mode, the Voltron team taps into Princess Allura’s unique connection to the Quintessence to imbue the Lions with energy, upgrading their weapons and supercharging the Lions!

Product Features:

  • Prepare for the complete Voltron experience! 
  • The Hyper-Phase Legendary Lions are fully articulated, with unique projectile launchers for stand-alone play – and they can also transform and combine with the other Hyper-Phase Legendary Lions to form a 16″ fully articulated Voltron figure!
  • Each Lion has all new designs, is highly articulated and includes a unique speeder and pilot. 
  • The Blue, Red, Green and Yellow Lions come with distinct weapons like the Blue Lion’s Hydro Cannon and the Red Lion’s Magma Disc launcher!
  • The Black Lion has lights, phrases and sound effects from the show! 
  • Unlock over 50 sounds by combining all 5 Legendary Lions to form 16″ Voltron for out of this world fun! 
  • MSRP:

o   $129.99 for the 5-piece box set

  • Available from the following Comic Con vendors:

o   ThinkGeek/Gamestop – Booth 3349

o   Toynk Toys – Booth 815/4437

o   Entertainment Earth – Booth 2343

o   Trendsetters/Sure Thing Toys – Booth 4730