Voltron Classic Yellow Lion Review

We’ve got another of the Voltron Lions from the Classic 84 line by Playmates. Today we’re looking at the Yellow Lion piloted by Hunk and forms Voltron’s left leg.


The articulation on the Yellow Lion is pretty good. The head has a great range of motion on the neck looking up or down (It can also slightly tilt left right) The neck itself can be moved up and down as well (due to the transformation into a foot) which makes for great head posing.


The legs have 3 simple articulation points, but that’s all that’s really needed for posing and transformation. As previously shown (in this review and others) the legs can allow for various poses including sitting, standing, leaping, etc….

The jaw of the Yellow Lion can open, but has a spring that keeps it closed. The inside of the lower jaw has some sculpted details showing the Sting Ray missile.

The Plasma Cannon on it’s back can swivel up.


The Yellow Lion comes with a nice arsenal of classic inspired weapons including a spiked disc similar to the one that came with the old Panosh Place Lions, a spring loaded missile launcher and a mouth dagger.


The upper jaw of the mouth has a slot that allows you to plug the dagger in place so it doesn’t randomly fall out like it would on the older toys.


The missile launcher and the spiked disc can fit into any of the holes on the shoulders or hips on either side of the Yellow Lion.



The missile launcher only has one missile, but it’s designed to look like two missiles. I especially like that the firing button is so well hidden into the overall design that at a quick glance it doesn’t look like there is a button. The missile flies around 2-4 feet (depending on how high off the ground it is)


Comparing the new Classic Yellow Lion to the old Panosh Place Lion, you can see the new one is a bit bigger in both Lion and Leg form. I like the head sculpt of the new one a lot better.

Overall, I like the new Playmates Yellow Lion. The toy feels sturdy and well made. The added articulation and the weapons make this one stand out above my old Panosh Place Lions. (Which have long been my go to Voltron) I initially grabbed all of the lions just to make Voltron, but I’ve come to like the individual lions too….I may need to buy another set to keep in lion forms.