Vitruvian HACKS Update! Leonidas & Amazon Paint Masters

Boss Fight Studio just posted up pictures of the Paint Masters for their Leonidas and Amazon figures. Just like everything else they’ve shown from this line, the figures are WAY better looking than the cool looking style boards we’ve already seen for these figures.


Leonidas Paint Master 01

Leonidas Paint Master 02

Leonidas Paint Master 03

Not only is this our first look at the paint master of Leonidas, which looks AWESOME!, this is also our first look at the sword sheath that many of the Vitruvian HACKS figures comes with. As you can see it appears to house the sword very well and looks great.


Amazon Paint Master 01

Amazon Paint Master 02

Amazon Paint Master 03

The Amazon Warrior looks equally excellent with her removable helmet and other gear. Boss Fight Studio specifically mentioned that the shield in the pictures is currently missing the cool design meant to be on it as they are still waiting on a special waterslide that will be applied to the shield.