Vitruvian Hacks Update: Arrival Estimate & Pre-Orders

The fine folks at Boss Fight Studio has updated their website with a timeline of when product will be shipping to them from the factory and when we can expect it to be in our hot little hands! They have also announced when pre-orders will be up on their site (Hint: it’s just over 24 hours from now!)


Hi Boss-Fighters! In this update, we’re going to talk about Kickstarter timelines, pre-orders and shipping!

The timeline we have from our factory right now – barring any delays – has the entire production run arriving by early February. Our current goal is to have all Kickstarter orders shipped in February. We’ll be receiving the production run in two parts, the first part in late January. We will be shipping it to backers in two shipments as well, so you can get your toys as early as possible!

We’ll be opening up limited pre-orders for all waves of Series 1 Carded figures, Skeletons, Pre-Curse Medusa, Tartarus Guard, Blanks and Accessory packs on 12:01 EST, Monday December 7th! (That’s Sunday night/Monday morning) If you missed out on the Kickstarter and want to be among the first to receive your V-HACKS figures, don’t delay! If you’re already a KS backer, and you want to buy additional items in the pre-order, that’s awesome, but please be aware that we cannot combine shipping on KS items and pre-order items. Pre-Orders will be shipping mid-March to give us time to be sure all of the Kickstarter backers have received all of their items.


Here’s the pricing for the pre-order figures:

Carded/boxed single figures – $19.99
Exclusive 2pks – $44.99
Blanks – $12.99
Accessory Packs – $9.99
Skeletons – $12.99


Kickstarter backers, we’ve still got a surprise in store for you! Each KS backer above the $30 level (if you got one or more figures) will receive a surprise free figure to thank you for your patience! We’re so grateful for our backers that you’ll be getting a new figure that hasn’t been seen anywhere yet!

Please note, at this point all of the money from the Kickstarter has been used to pay our vendors for production, this means that we are unable to offer any Kickstarter refunds.

Thanks for all of your support!

<3 BFS

PS: All the below photos are near-final production samples!


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