Vitruvian Hacks Red Gazoge

Today we’re looking at a brand new Boss Fight Vitruvian Hacks figure. This figure is so new, it’s not even for sale yet! We’re talking about the Roma Collectibles exclusive, Gazoge!



Gazoge comes in the typical packaging for main Vitruvian Hacks figures. Here you can see a Roma Collectibles sticker on the outer plastic of the packaging. The card art has him in front of a volcano magic emanating from his hand as his dragon flies over his shoulder. The art appears to be using his older head, but with both eyes. Perhaps a slightly earlier time than the figure represents?


The back of the packaging has a dio shot along with the bio card. You’ll notice that the Gazoge pictured on the back is different from the figure. This is the Boss Fight version of Gazoge. (available later) The main differences between the two are all of the red parts being blue. Also the dragon is a different color.


The bio card tells us a bit about Gazoge’s history. The part I really like is that the Temporal Log is a children’s rhyme about our evil boogeyman here.



The Gazoge figure is primarily black with a few dark silver armor pieces on. The most color on him is all in his belt where you have various colors differentiating all the different sculpted details such as keys, feathers, pouches, buckles, etc… He appears to be wearing a mix of Samhain and Felonious parts. This gives him a warrior mage appearance.


You get three different heads with Gazoge. The main one (That I’ll always use) is a Red skull. It has some black lines going over the eyes. This is the same sculpt as the skull head that comes with the Asperity Knight, Lord Vehemous and the Dragon Acolyte. The next head is an old man head with grey hair and a blinded eye. This head and the last head were originally available with the Naga figure.

The last head is a younger looking head. It has a red skull painted on the face. It looks similar to one of the heads that came with the Asperity Knight, but is a different sculpt and has a slightly different skull painted on the face. I’m not sure there has been a specific mention of why the two figures have this red skull face paint but it’s a nice call back for these two Asperity characters.



Gazoge has a hood that fits well with the collar piece, but just seems too tall for any of the heads. I think it probably works best with Felonious since he had more hair to fill out the space.



The base body for Gazoge is made from an Orc Body with Elven arms. You can see under the armor, the arms have similar symbols that are on Gazoge’s collar piece.  


If you pop off the torso, It appears that Gazoge has a new connector point than the typical pants waist piece. Here you can see that the new connector is fully round rather than being two rounded clips like the older model. It’s basic function seems to work the same.

The torso ball that fits into the waist is also slightly different. It appears to be a little bit longer on Gazoge than on the Orc



This extra length does cause the mid torso piece to have some wiggle room and doesn’t sit flush on the waist anymore. this isn’t too much of an issue as any belt piece you add will cover this up. It also allows more of the mid torso to be seen and probably cuts down on paint wear on the sculpted buttons.


Gazoge comes with two sets of hands. My figure had an armored right hand and a plain black left hand in the package. This made sense to me as the right forearm has an armored gauntlet. However, Vitruvian Facts lists that the figure has a Left Armored hand and a right blank hand in the package. Either way, you should get the match for both hands in the package with the stand. (It would appear I got a mispack as I have two left blank hands and a pair of armored hands)


Here is the typical stand every Vitruvian Hacks comes with. You also get a spare torso connector. This is because the torso connectors on older blank figures won’t work with the newer connectors on most of the fantasy figures. So this connector is there if you wanted to use an older torso on a newer body.


Gazoge has a dragon and sword first seen with Ghariala. His dragon is a silver dragon. This sculpt has been used twice already in green and unpainted red. The dragon is sculpted on the perch piece and that plugs into the staff. (You can also plug it into other pieces from other kits if you don’t want a full staff/perch)

The dragon is full of sculpted details all over. It’s red eyes are the only painted detail.



Also included with Gazoge is a closed Spellbook and Dragon Scepter.

The Dragon Scepter has a dragon sculpted around a sphere. This piece can be plugged onto other handle pieces like the dragon can. The scepter was originally seen on the full staff with both Felonious figures. Now it’s on the handle for Samhain’s hammer.



The closed Spellbook is highly detailed with a leather appearance and all sorts of metal clasps and hinges. It has a peg at the end of a chain so it can be attached to a belt for storage, but Gazoge doesn’t have a hole in the belt he came with for that feature.


Also included is an open version of the spellbook. I love this piece. (I have it with two other figures, Felonious and Eligor) First off, it’s great that there is an open spellbook piece, but even better is that each use of this piece has a different thing written on the pages! This version has runes that appear to spell “ROMA”. I thought that was a neat nod to Roma Collectibles for their exclusive figure. All of the details on the closed spellbook are here on the opened one as well.



The other detail I love about the open spellbook is the peg that allows you to attach the red translucent flame piece. This makes it look like Gazoge is summoning fire out of the book itself!




I really love Gazoge. It hits many marks with me. Skull head, open spellbook, Warrior Mage look, etc… there is a lot to love here. I do wish we got one or two of the open mage hands in black, but that’s a minor nitpick that can be remedied with some black paint and a spare hand. The three heads gives you the option to either have Gazoge change faces or make a squad of evil Asperity Warlocks. I highly recommend picking up this figure as you always need evil mages.

You can buy Gazoge starting this Saturday, June 13th at Noon (EST) from ROMA Collectibles’ eBay Store.