Vitruvian Hacks Kickstarter Update #3 Final Days!

This is the home stretch, we have only a few days left before the end of Boss Fight Studio’s Vitruvian H.A.C.K.S. Kickstarter! Read on to find out what’s been unlocked, what’s about to be unlocked and what Boss Fight Studio has teased!

The Vitruvian Hacks Kickstarter campaign has been trucking right along and now we’re nearing the final days. There are 3 days left and thus far 832 backers have pledged a total of $238,996 of the $75,000 goal. This has unlocked a few more stretch goals thanks in part to an anonymous donor who pledged to match up to $20,000 worth of all pledges made in the final week of the campaign. There was a slight draw back to this as Kickstarter only allows a single person to pledge $10,000, but the folks at Boss Fight Studios worked it out by dropping the remaining stretch goals by $10,000 and the anonymous donor will send the other $10,000 he pledged after the campaign is over. The anonymous donor’s challenge has already been met after only being active for 2 days!


Vitruvian Hacks Unlock 01 Blanks

The first of the newly unlocked stretch goals is the 2nd wave of blank custom figures, these 4 figures were unlocked at the $180,000 goal and include 2 male and 2 female figures like the previous blank set. These can be added to the $115 or higher pledges for $15

Boss Fight Studio has mentioned that the second pair of feet on these blank sets are sculpted as a super hero type of boot. This will be great for the custom work these figures are made for.


Vitruvian Hacks Unlock 02 Desciple of Eurayle

At $195,000 the Disciple of Eurayle was unlocked. These Spartans have been injected by venom from Eurayle and now only obey her.


Vitruvian Hacks Unlock 03 Blanks

The 3rd wave of blanks were unlocked at $210,000


Vitruvian Hacks Unlock 04 Colubrida Gorgon

Colubrida, the Milk Snake Gorgon was unlocked at the $225,000 mark. Colubrida is a Gorgon Mercenary who’ll work with either side (as long as they pay her) She can be added to the wave 1 set for a measly $25 (Much less than a mercenary should cost)


Vitruvian Hacks Unlock 05 Blanks

The final wave of blanks was unlocked at $230,000 This makes 16 total blank figures that can be added to a wave 1 set for only $60! That comes out to $3.75 per Blank figure! (If you add in the 4 wave 1 figures for $115 you have to pledge for to add these, then you get 20 figures for $175, or $8.75 per figure)


Vitruvian KS Stretch 02 GID Gorgon

Vitruvian KS Stretch 01 GID Spartan

The next stretch goal that will most likely be unlocked before the end of the campaign this Friday is the Ghosts of the Battlefield Glow in the Dark 2 pack! As of this writing we are only $6,004 away from unlocking this awesome 2 pack!

After that we have 3 accessory packs that can be unlocked and then the Skeleton figure will be up at the $290,000 mark.


Since the last update we brought you, Boss Fight Studio has teased one more figure from their Vitruvian Hacks Series 2 Fantasy wave:


Vitruvian Hacks Series 2 Naga

Naga The Serpent Druid is an awesome looking figure who, with a little paint and some sculpt work, could make a wonderful Golobulus from GI Joe the movie!



Vitruvian Hacks Series 1 Gorgon Paint

Green Snake Gorgon Paint 02

Green Snake Gorgon Paint 03

Boss Fight Studio has also given us a glimpse of a hand painted sample they’re working on for the Green Snake Gorgon figure, this picture also shows off the open mouthed Gorgon head sculpt without the helmet on it.


So with only 3 days left in this Kickstarter campaign, Boss Fight Studio has gotten the full funding needed to make and release their first series of Vitruvian Hacks along with a large score of stretch goal figures (with more all but guaranteed to meet their goals) and they have generated even more excitement for their upcoming series’ of figures from both the Fantasy and Space Adventure themes. I for one can’t wait to get these first series figures and am even more excited for the next two series.

Congratulations to Boss Fight Studio for bringing such an awesome and versatile toy line to the collector market!

To pledge to this awesome Kickstarter before it ends this Friday, July 8th, click here —> Vitruvian H.A.C.K.S. Kickstarter