Vitruvian Hacks Bonus Figure Review

A few months back there was mention of a mystery surprise Vitruvian Hacks bonus figure for everyone who backed the Kickstarter at the 1 figure or higher level. Well we got our mystery figure yesterday and are we ever so happy to have it! Read on to see what the surprise is! If you’re still waiting on your figure and don’t want to spoil the surprise, we’ll understand

The figure came in a simple plastic bag with no header card. It appears to be the same bag that Blanks and Skeletons are being packaged in, so there’s no packaging picture here.


The Vitruvian Hacks bonus figure in question is a hot pink Skeleton! At first glance, it looks like a highly detailed Skeleton. My wife (who went to medical school) looked it over and proclaimed it’s anatomically correct, so I’m trusting her judgement on it and saying Boss Fight Studios really did their homework on this figure.

Vituvian Hacks Bonus 001

The skull looks great. It can rotate around and move up and down easily on it’s ball joint. It can’t tilt side to side as well due to the sculpt of the spine, but you can still get great skull poses out of it. The opening jaw is super cool and a great addition to the massive articulation this figure has.

Vituvian Hacks Bonus 002Vituvian Hacks Bonus 003

Speaking of the articulation, the Skeleton has an impressive 16 – 28 points of articulation (depending on how you count each articulation joint) there is a Ball joint neck, Hinged jaw, Swivel hinge Shoulders, Elbows and Wrists. A dual ball jointed spine (one just below the rib cage and another going into the pelvis) Swivel Hinge Hips, double Hinged knees and Rocker swivel hinge ankles. This allows for a massive amount of poses the Skeleton can stand in.

Vituvian Hacks Bonus 004Vituvian Hacks Bonus 006

The feet are super detailed top and bottom, but still work better than most flat sculpted feet on other similarly sized figures. Posing the Skeleton in extreme poses is slightly difficult but can be done, posing it in simple standing poses, is super easy and the Skeleton stands well without falling over at the slightest breeze.

Vituvian Hacks Bonus 013

Vituvian Hacks Bonus 005

The double jointed knee allows for great poses and looks pretty natural for a skeleton. I love that the knee cap is sculpted on the hinge and looks like a skeleton should. The detailing all over the Skeleton is super nice and fine. Every vertebrae is shown in the spine, all of the hand bones are differentiated, even the shoulder blades and hips have all the different ridges and indentions seen in the bones of actual skeletons. It’s almost as if they scanned in a skeleton to make this figure. There are a few areas where toyetics had to fill in gaps between bones (like around the collarbone) and the knee joints and such, but given the amount of detailing all over this figure, you can easily excuse such necessities as seeing hinge joints here and there and such.

Vituvian Hacks Bonus 007

Vituvian Hacks Bonus 008

The Vitruvian Hacks bonus Skeleton comes with a Boss Fight Studio stand and six clear pieces of plastic. These are soft plastic pieces that attach to the Skeleton’s feet, lower legs and lower arms to allow the Skeleton to use the stand and various armor pieces. the clear pieces are easy to attach to the Skeleton since they are soft.

Vituvian Hacks Bonus 009

The Skeleton stands a bit taller than old school Joes and around the same height as new Joes, So it should fit in well with most 1:18th scale figures.

Vituvian Hacks Bonus 010


It definitely fits well with other 1:18th scaled animals and looks good with some of the fantasy themed ones you can find online or at Toys R Us

Vituvian Hacks Bonus 011

Vituvian Hacks Bonus 012

Since this Skeleton is a hot pink color, it should be noted that it does glow under blacklight.

Vituvian Hacks Bonus 014


The Skeletons and the Gorgons were big reasons why I backed this Kickstarter and I’m happy to say that neither one disappoints! The sculpt and amount of articulation on this Vitruvian Hacks bonus Skeleton is amazing while keeping the proportions normal sized.

I was super paranoid about moving any of the joints since they are pretty tight feeling and super thin. Once you’ve moved them a bit, they do loosen up so that moving them doesn’t make you feel like you’re about to break them, but I’m still careful when posing the Skeleton. It has been mentioned that you should heat up the joints of any of the figures before taking them apart and I would guess the same holds true for the Skeletons as well.

This is definitely the best 1:18th scaled skeleton on the market and I’m very happy that Boss Fight Studio made a hot pink Vitruvian Hacks bonus Skeleton as a thank you to everyone for being so patient during all of the delays and such. It’s a fun figure and I can’t recommend enough how badly everyone who collects action figures at all, needs to get themselves at least one of the Vitruvian Hacks Skeletons, you won’t be disappointed at all.