Updated Official High Res Images of Avengers Marvel Legends

Hasbro has sent out new official photos of their upcoming Marvel Legends Infinite Series – Avengers Legends Wave 3 Figures. These images showcase which BAF parts come with whom and we also get to see the official packaging. Nothing new on the packaging front but those figures are stunning! Look for these to hit come June/ July. 

  • Blizzard – Hulkbuster chest piece
  • Dr. Strange – Hulkbuster right leg piece
  • Marvel Now Iron Man – Hulkbuster left leg piece
  • Thundra – Hulkbuster left arm piece
  • Valkyrie – Hulkbuster right arm piece
  • Vision – Hulkbuster torso piece
  • Avengers: Age Of Ultron – War Machine – Hulkbuster head piece
  • Avengers: Age Of Ultron – Hulkbuster Iron Man (BAF)

B2983AS00_630509310951_main_15_Large_300DPI B2983AS00_630509310951_pkg_15_Large_300DPI

B2984AS00_630509310944_main_15_Large_300DPI B2984AS00_630509310944_pkg_15_Large_300DPI

B2985AS00_630509310937_main_15_Large_300DPI B2985AS00_630509310937_pkg_15_Large_300DPI

B2986AS00_630509310920_main_15_Large_300DPI B2986AS00_630509310920_pkg_15_Large_300DPI

B2987AS00_630509310913_main_15_Large_300DPI B2987AS00_630509310913_pkg_15_Large_300DPI

B2988AS00_630509310906_main_15_Large_300DPI B2988AS00_630509310906_pkg_15_Large_300DPI

B2989AS00_630509310890_main_15_Large_300DPI B2989AS00_630509310890_pkg_15_Large_300DPI