TRU Aliens Minimates Wave 2!?

In a surprise to all collectors, a second series of Aliens Minimates showed up yesterday at Toys R Us! Diamond Select Toys posted some packaged shots of the three new sets on Facebook

No one expected it, no one knew it was coming but yesterday a few fans in the north east United States found a Toys R Us wave 2 of Aliens Minimates! This same thing happened fairly recently in January with the Hastings exclusive Crew of the Nostromo set that no one knew was coming out until it was ready to be ordered. To be honest, I kinda like it this way. No months of waiting for something to come out, just the surprise realization that there’s new Aliens Minimates to be had and the mad dash to grab them ASAP!

The new wave features:

Sgt. Apone & Glowing Alien (Which really glows in the dark)
Ellen Ripley & Screaming Xenomorph
Pvt. Drake & Extra-Damaged Alien

Aside from the Glowing Alien, we’ve gotten all of these figures before, but these have some minor changes like different faces and paint apps (some of which, like the extra-damaged Alien, have been requested by fans for a little bit now) Thus far they have only been reported as sighted in Michigan, Massachusetts & New Jersey, but you can bet I’ll be running out to TRU today to find some myself!

Aliens Minimates TRU 01 Aliens Minimates TRU 02 Aliens Minimates TRU 03 Aliens Minimates TRU 04