Transistor Robots Insect – Random Toys

Transformers were huge when they came out in the 80’s and when you have a hit toyline, you’re going to have knock offs start coming out of the wood work. Transformers were no exception to this. Most of the time knock offs are cheaper and less desirable than the originals, but in some cases, they can wind up cooler than what they’re knocking off. Such is the case with today’s Random Toy, the Transistor Robots Insect made by Four Star

Transistor Robots 002The Transistor Robots line by Four Star consisted of many different knock offs from the Diaclone line that was used to make Transformers. I haven’t been able to find a packaged sample of this particular figure but from what I can tell online, it’s called Insect Robot (or is unnamed and comes from the Insect Robot sub series) It appears to possibly be an Elephant Beetle…



Transistor Robots 001…but when you look at it from the other side, it appears to be a scorpion type of creature. I believe this is the proper position due to the antenna (It’s missing one) that I can only assume should be at the front of the creature. This Transistor Robots figure has a lot of chromed plastic covering most of the main body. The tail has multiple hinges to allow some good articulation.


Transistor Robots 003In robot mode, there is a die cast metal chest. The creature’s legs become the arms and legs of the robot (The large legs work with the shell to become the robot’s legs) The chest plate has a chromed door that is hinged to open.




Transistor Robots 004The Transistor Robots head is chromed as well and has some blue details. The head is your basic nondescript KO head that’s even sculpted badly. This is clearly the low point of the whole figure.




Transistor Robots 005The arms have a swivel hinge joint that allows for a good range of motion. The rest of the figure has very limited articulation (basically just what is needed for the transformation to robot or creature)




Transistor Robots 006You may have notice by now that this is a KO of the Insecticon Bombshell. The Transistor Robots were usually retools of Diaclones. In this case, it’s an extensive retool that completely changes the appearance of the toy.




Transistor Robots 007Some aspects of the original Bombshell are easily seen here like the swivel hinged shoulders, wheels on the legs/arms, basic transformation and Diaclone driver cockpit. The Transistor Robots figure is obviously different looking as it’s bigger and bulkier but just by transforming it, you can tell who it’s a KO of.



Transistor Robots 008Transistor Robots 009Some of the original details are still pretty visible like the hips/thighs. (They’re retooled, but the basic shape is still present) also you can see the original bar hinge hole in the tail that was too far back to be used with the new pieces.


Transistor Robots 010

While most Knock Offs are just crappy toys, this Transistor Robots figure is just different and interesting enough to feel like a unique figure even when he’s next to Bombshell. It’s always fun to see these oddball KO’s hidden amongst Transformer collections. This particular one is pretty well made, but has a fragile feel to it (which is understandable for a 30-ish year old knock off) The antenna and the tail are typically broken or completely missing (especially in the case of the antenna)