Transformers Year of the Goat / Platinum Editions Revealed

Thanks to Robotkingdom, we now have some images concerning new commemorative Platinum Edition figures for the Asian markets and US Toys R us stores. Year of the Goat is the theme and Masterpiece Soundwave and Laser Optimus Prime will be on tap for release. Both are done up in the Year of the Goat colors (clear plastic and copper) and yes, you read that correctly. The Soundwave is the US Masterpiece release and he does come with his cassettes done up in the same color scheme. The Prime is a G2 mold, which is one we do not see that often. These are interesting to say the least but I don’t know……..check out the images below.

10372778_529804363788834_5722890348372813570_n 10430865_906859859325907_1008315484509173531_n