Transformers Platinum Edition Sets Official Images

We now have official images of several Platinum Edition sets from Transformers Age of Extinction. A huge thanks goes out to Hunter PR for the image files!

  • Autobots United Five Pack: Contains the previously released Voyager Evasion Optimus Prime and Hound, Deluxe Drift and Crosshairs and a modern Camaro Bumblebee.


  • Breakout Battle: Featuring a screen accurate weathered Voyager Evasion Optimus Prime and Vehicon


  • Age of Extinction Generations Leader 2-pack: featuring a translucent Optimus Prime and a black redeco of Grimlock.

Autobots United bots Autobots United vehicles Breakout Battle Crankcase bot Breakout Battle Crankcase truck Breakout Battle Optimus bot Breakout Battle optimus truck Breakout Battle Rollbar bot Breakout Battle Rollbar car TF4 Leader 2pack Grimlock bot TF4 Leader 2pack Grimlock dino TF4 Leader 2pack Optimus bot TF4 Leader 2pack Optimus truck