Transformers MP-20 Wheeljack Review and Gallery

The wait is finally over,we now have one of the greatest Transformers ever produced. I know that is a bold statement but wow, MP-20 Wheeljack is damn near perfect. Interest in this Transformer has been high ever since Takara released the initial announcement close to a year a go. How does he compare and what makes him one of the greatest Transformers ever? Keep reading to find out.

The one thing I look for in any Transformer is the overall aesthetics of the bot. How close is he to the original character and how does he look in both vehicle and robot mode. Wheeljack come in with a solid win in each of these categories. He is as close to the G1 character we will ever get and his bot mode is incredible. When you transform Wheeljack everything pops into place with ease. It is so refreshing to have a high end Transformer that actually does what it was designed to do, without having to force anything in place.

Takara does an awesome job of hiding open areas on Wheeljack and in car mode, everything lines up perfectly to the point that you can’t tell it’s a Transformer. The paint apps are near perfect on Wheeljack and his articulation is spot on. There is even a special homage under his “mask”. Just use a screwdriver to remove it and you will see a sculpted face.

Takara did not have to do this and is an awesome surprise for the fans who want to display Wheeljack in this manner. His rocket launcher could have used some more “spring” action but that is minor and his gun actually pegs into his had. Overall this is an amazing Transformer and I am glad Takara took their time with his development. He also fits in nicely with other transformers such as Roadbuster from Hasbro. This version of Wheeljack earned the moniker of Masterpiece and I highly encourage you guys to buy one.

Check out the images below and if anyone has a special request (pose) please let us know in the comments section.


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