Transformers Masterpice MP-08X Grimlock Re-Issue to Include Throne Accessory

This is a developing story folks. It seems the word coming down the line is the MP Grimlock MP-08 reissue will include a special accessory…….Grimlocks Throne!

BBTS have posted a new pre-order confirming this rumor. Grimlock will include his crown, sword and gun as well as a mystery accessory which they are saying could be his Throne. This Masterpiece Masterpice MP-08X Grimlock figure is listed at $279.99 USD on pre-order now. 

If this is the case then holy cow! There is only one way to make this version worth the cash and this is it. You can pre-order Grimlock right from BBTS

MP-08X Masterpiece King Grimlock 2nd Production Run With Throne

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