Transformers Hero Mashers Soundwave Review

Wave 2 of the Deluxe Transformers Hero Mashers showed up at Target this week and we’ve got the Decepticon’s Communication Specialist himself, Soundwave!


Transformers Mashers Soundwave 01 MIB

Soundwave is seen here in a Deluxe sized box (which includes more accessories than a regular release) The box tells us we also get an arm for Sideswipe.


Transformers Mashers Soundwave 02

Soundwave has a classic G1 inspired appearance even including the tape deck buttons on his waist.


Transformers Mashers Soundwave 03 Articulation

The figure has a good amount of articulation with 9 swivel/hinge joints allowing his head, shoulders, elbows, hips & knees to move.


Transformers Mashers Soundwave 04 Parts

The swivel portion of most of the joints can be pulled out for the “mashing” feature (The shoulders stay attached to the torso) I have found a couple of problems with this feature. The legs have a tendency to get pulled off while trying to bend the knees because the hinge knee joint is tighter than the swivel leg joint. Also due to the nature of the “masher” play feature, there’s no way to position the lower arms in front of the torso (The swivel joint would have to be above the elbow, not below it) so Soundwave can’t do his classic “pressing eject button” pose.


Transformers Mashers Soundwave 05 Parts

Soundwave comes with a number of accessories, including his classic weapons.


Transformers Mashers Soundwave 06

The vulcan cannon can attach to one of the ports on his back while the spring loaded cannon can be held in his hands or also attached to one of his other ports.


Transformers Mashers Soundwave 07


All of the accessories have the same sized plugs to allow any of them to be used on any port on any of the figures.


Transformers Mashers Soundwave 08

One of the weapons also has ports on it to allow combined weapons


Transformers Mashers Soundwave 09

The joint sizes are also the same between other figures which allows you to “mash” parts from one figure to another. That can also allow you to use arms in place of legs and such



Transformers Mashers Soundwave 10

The bulk of this figure is spread out pretty well so that you can get Soundwave to balance on one foot.


Transformers Mashers Soundwave 11 Compare

While playing with this Soundwave I felt like I was playing with an oversized Action Master. This figure captures the essence of an action figure really well in a Soundwave package.


Transformers Mashers Soundwave 12 Sigil

There was one thing that was bothering me the whole time I was playing with Soundwave, then it hit me, he needs a Decepticon sigil on his chest!


Transformers Mashers Soundwave 13 Colection

This figure goes really well with a Soundwave collection. It’s got the classic look with a bit of style to it so it doesn’t look exactly like all the other Soundwaves. Add in the size and articulation and it’s a cool little toy.


Transformers Mashers Soundwave 14 Title