Transformers Hasbro Fan First Reveals

Hasbro Fan First Friday is here! The Transformers live stream revealed some great items from Studio Series and Generations.


On the studio Series front we have three new reveals from Transformers the Movie 1986:

Dinobot Slug with Daniel



Daniel looks to be similar to Wheelie who came with Grimlock





Wreck-Gar is all new and looks closest to screen accurate than any we’ve gotten previously





Gnaw has a lot more added articulation than the previous Titans Return version and should be a larger figure. It appears that the transformation will be a little different as well


On the Generations side, we have Shattered Glass Starscream!



All of these should be up on Hasbro Pulse by 1pm EST today (UPDATE: Preorders are all up now with an expected ship date of October 1st for the Studio Series figures and December 1st for the Shattered Glass Starscream)