Transformers Grimlock MP-03 Gallery and Review

Transformers Masterpiece figures are what we call the cream of the crop, the alpha dog and they damn right earned that name. These are supposed to represent their G1 persona and be the absolute best Transformer made, hence the Masterpiece moniker. Presented here is the highly sought after MP-03 Grimlock from Toys R Us.

Now before we begin just note that the Grimlock below is the 1st Toys R Us release and will center around him. Included is a comparison shot of the new re-released MP-03. With all the hype concerning the new release we decided to buck the trend and focus on the original release. Honestly, the only difference is some of the deco.

Both figures are almost exactly the same and each includes the same accessories (crown and light up sword). I can see why Hasbro re-released MP-03 as the first go around sold briskly. Plus I think the whole concept of a Masterpiece Transformer flew under many collectors radars. Personally I think the MP-01 Optimus Prime from late 2011 brought much needed attention to the line. Now each release sells out within hours, or in some cases minuets of them hitting the shelf.

The transformation can be a tad tricky but to me, he is the easiest one to Transform. The overall construction is sound and if you play around with it, you can figure it out without the instructions. This is a solid Transformer worthy of the Masterpiece name. Good luck finding either version. The first has been gone for several years and the new one is tough to locate. With Grimlock having a large role in the new movie, it’s no wonder why he is so tough.


IMG_6466_1024x683 IMG_6467_1024x683 IMG_6468_1024x683 IMG_6488_1024x683 IMG_6489_1024x683 IMG_6491_1024x683 IMG_6492_1024x683 IMG_6496_1024x683 IMG_6507_1024x683 IMG_6508_683x1024 IMG_6509_683x1024 IMG_6510_683x1024 IMG_6512_683x1024 IMG_6513_683x1024 IMG_6514_1024x683 IMG_6515_683x1024 IMG_6516_1024x683 IMG_6517_1024x683 IMG_6518_1024x683 IMG_6519_1024x683 IMG_6520_1024x683 IMG_6521_1024x683 IMG_6522_1024x683 IMG_6523_1024x683

IMG_6524_1024x683The one on the right is the first release; the one on the left is the new release.

IMG_6525_683x1024 IMG_6526_683x1024 IMG_6527_1024x683 IMG_6528_1024x683 IMG_6529_683x1024 IMG_6530_683x1024 IMG_6531_683x1024 IMG_6532_1024x683 IMG_6533_1024x683 IMG_6534_1024x683 IMG_6535_1024x683 IMG_6536_683x1024 IMG_6537_683x1024 IMG_6538_1024x683 IMG_6539_1024x683 IMG_6540_683x1024 IMG_6541_683x1024 IMG_6542_683x1024 IMG_6543_683x1024 IMG_6544_683x1024 IMG_6547_1024x683 IMG_6548_1024x683 IMG_6549_1024x683 IMG_6550_683x1024 IMG_6552_1024x683 IMG_6555_1024x683 IMG_6556_1024x683 IMG_6557_683x1024 IMG_6558_683x1024 IMG_6560_1024x683 IMG_6561_1024x683