Transformers Generations Skrapnel and Reflector

While Transformers Age of Extinction toys are showing up everywhere, the Transformers Generations hits keep coming! This week we’ve got one of the new Legends Class sets, Skrapnel and Reflector!


Generations Skrapnel 01 MOC

The first thing I noticed about this set is that it’s obviously based on the Gen 1 Insecticon, Shrapnel. I’m not sure why the name has been changed to Skrapnel but I assume it has to do with copyright issues.


Generations Skrapnel 02 Robot

Skrapnel has multiple ball joints in his shoulder, elbows, hips and knees that allow for a good amount of poseability.

Generations Skrapnel 03 Head

Given the Legends Class size, I was surprised to find that Skrapnel’s head rotates.


Generations Skrapnel 04 Insect

In insect mode, Skrapnel transforms into a Stag Beetle


Generations Skrapnel 05 Reflector

Skrapnel’s Triple Changer Targetmaster is Reflector. This version is obviously inspired by the cartoon version that was colored differently from the toys.

Generations Skrapnel 06 Reflector Cartoon


Generations Skrapnel 07 Reflector Camera

Reflector can change into a Camera (this is done by laying Reflector’s bot mode down on his stomach)


Generations Skrapnel 08 Reflector Camera

The Camera mode looks decent enough incorporating a telephoto lens and can be held by Skrapnel (after some futzing )


Generations Skrapnel 09 Reflector Gun

Reflector’s third mode is the Targetmaster mode where he becomes a large gun that Skrapnel can use.


Generations Skrapnel 10 Reflector Cannon

The Instructions show a fourth mode for Reflector. He can become a cannon that attaches to Skrapnel in Insect mode. I like the cannon look quite a bit at this angle…..


Generations Skrapnel 11 Reflector Cannon

…However, from the top, it just looks like Reflector is sleeping on top of Skrapnel.


Generations Skrapnel 12 Shrapnel Compare

Comparing Skrapnel to his Gen 1 counterpart, you’ll notice how similar they are in design. I was surprised to realize that they are almost the same height as well.

Generations Skrapnel 13 Shrapnel Compare

Generations Skrapnel 14 Shrapnel Compare

Reflector even has many throwback designs to the Gen 1 weapon incorporated in his gun design.


Generations Skrapnel 15

At $10 this is a great set. You get two Gen 1 homage figures. The Skrapnel figure improves upon the original and Reflector fills every purpose he ever had in the cartoon. I’m very happy he “transforms” into a camera that the other Transformers can use.