Transformers Generations Powerglide Review

The new waves of Transformers Generations are hitting toy shelves and we got a certain Autobot that makes women’s hearts all a flutter…….Powerglide!

Transformers Generations Powerglide 01

Powerglide is in the Legends Class Scale. The new packaging is smaller holding only one figure now since Hasbro has gotten rid of the Triple Changing Target Masters the Legends figures used to come with. Instead of a white stripe down the side like the movie packaging, the new Generations cards have a black stripe with “Transformers” on it along with a new Generations logo.  The “Combiner Wars” name is on the top of the card. The back of the packaging shows the various modes of the figure, in Powerglide’s case, that three modes as he’s become a Target Master for the Aerialbots. There are no more tech specs, the only bio info is a single line on the back of the card that reads: “Aerial acrobat well-versed in dogfighting tactics”


Transformers Generations Powerglide 02

Inside the package is a  thick cardboard card that features artwork for Powerglide on one side and the new Generations logo on the back. I really wish they had added some form of bio info on the back of this card instead of a huge Generations logo, but at least they gave us some nice character art on the front of it.


Transformers Generations Powerglide 03

Powerglide himself looks great in bot mode. and has a nice combination of details from the original toy and the G1 cartoon.


Transformers Generations Powerglide 04

The figure has a nice range of motion with multiple ball joints and some swivel & hinge joints. This allows all the basic articulation joints of the human form (head, shoulders, elbows, hips, knees & ankles)


Transformers Generations Powerglide 05

The plane mode is your basic A-10 and looks decent.


Transformers Generations Powerglide 06

Then there’s the 3rd, weapon mode. It’s a long double barreled blaster


Transformers Generations Powerglide 07

I couldn’t find my G1 Powerglide to compare to so we’ll compare with the last one, DOTM Cyberverse Powerglide. The bot mode is way better than the DOTM version with a bulkier aesthetic and more of a G1 feel to it.

Transformers Generations Powerglide 08

The plane more however, feels a little lacking compared to the DOTM version to me. I don’t know if it’s lack of paint apps or the fact that part of the fuselage is just the thighs pressed together, but the DOTM one feels more realistic to me.


Transformers Generations Powerglide 09

Powerglide stands about as tall as the other Generations Legends figures which is larger than the 25th anniversary Universe Legends figures. When there’s only a few figures next to each other, the size difference is a little bothersome, but when in a large group, you don’t notice it as much so Powerglide should be able to fit in with a few collections already.

Transformers Generations Powerglide 10


Transformers Generations Powerglide 11

I am liking the new scales when you get certain Legends, Voyager and Deluxe versions together. All three size classes fit in really well together.


Transformers Generations Powerglide 12

Powerglide’s gun mode can be held by Voyagers like Roadbuster, but he is too heavy for Roadbuster’s elbow joints (His arm is being supported by his leg in this picture)


Transformers Generations Powerglide 13

I love Powerglide’s bot mode. It is everything I could want from this Transformer, unfortunately I don’t feel the same way about his plane mode. The few paint apps that he has are better than previous Generations Legends figures (mainly the Autobot symbol) but given that we only get one figure now and the price is still $9.99 I am getting a little more picky with my purchases from this line.


Transformers Generations Powerglide 14 Title