Transformers Generations: Leader Class Jetfire Review & Gallery

Winter has started but look who we dug out of the ice before it got too cold, Generations Jetfire! Is he worth picking up or should he be dumped back in the deep freeze?

Generations Jetfire 01

Jetfire is classified as one of the largest sizes: “Leader Class” The box alone is just over a foot tall and 10 inches wide. At his tallest (including all armor) Jetfire himself only stands just under 10 inches tall and is about 7 inches wide (unless you spread his arms apart, then he’s a foot wide with the armor on) This means there’s a good amount of empty space inside the box.

Generations Jetfire 02

Jetfire’s robot mode is obviously inspired by the animation model of Skyfire (which was different from the G1 Jetfire toy due to copyrights concerning the use of the Macross Valkyrie)

Generations Jetfire 03



Generations Jetfire 04 Head

The face can be covered by a “Battle Helmet” that is more inspired by the G1 Jetfire’s head with the eyeslit, mouthplate and antenna “ears” The “helmet” is really only a faceplate with the ears that can attach to the head and appear seamless. This cuts down on any bulkiness a real helmet would have throwing off the proportions. This also allows the light piping to work on either face.

Generations Jetfire 05 Head


Generations Jetfire 06 Articulation

Jetfire has a great amount of articulation, especially the head which features both a hinge and swivel joint on the neck. I was kind of missing some swivel wrists on him, but it’s not as big of a problem as one might think.

Generations Jetfire 09

There are 5 separate armor pieces that Jetfire can wear, a Backpack/Booster Jets, two arm mounted cannons and two leg mounted cannons. All of these parts are vac metal red chrome. I personally wish these parts had just been painted the same red as the highlights on Jetfire due to the possibility of the vac metal chipping off a lot easier than regular paint.

_MG_7611_683x1024 IMG_7615_683x1024

Generations Jetfire 11

The Booster Jets can swivel up or down without being removed from Jetfire’s back.

Included with all of the vac metal armor pieces is a spring loaded missile launcher. The missile can shoot about a foot away, then, depending on the floor, can slide for another 3 1/2 feet

Generations Jetfire 08


Generations Jetfire 10

All off the arm & leg cannons can combine with the spring loaded gun to make a huge, multi-cannon for Jetfire to wield .


_MG_7552_1024x683 _MG_7554_1024x683 _MG_7556_1024x683 _MG_7558_1024x683 _MG_7559_1024x683 _MG_7563_1024x683 _MG_7564_1024x683 _MG_7565_1024x683 _MG_7566_1024x683 _MG_7568_1024x683

In vehicle mode Jetfire favors his G1 toy counterpart with many similar paint details on the nose and wings. Just like in Robot mode, Jetfire looks good with the armor on or off.

Generations Jetfire 12

The arm and leg cannons can stay attached to Jetfire in vehicle mode to add more firepower under the plane



Generations Jetfire 14

The spring loaded gun can be plugged into the bottom of the nose cone



Generations Jetfire 13

You can also take the arm and leg cannons off to combine them and attach them to the sides of the Booster Jets.


Generations Jetfire 16

The canopy opens in vehicle mode, but like with other Generations Transformers, there aren’t really any small figures that will fit in the cockpit. Both Diaclone and Masterpiece drivers are too large, but perhaps an old Zoids or Starriors driver from Tomy would fit in Jetfire (I unfortunately didn’t have any on hand to try)


Jetfire is a light, but bulky in the right areas Leader Class Transformer. This is a great size for Jetfire since the character was always portrayed as larger than most Transformers in the cartoon. The proportions in bot mode remind me of old Macross models giving this Jetfire a definition that wasn’t as apparent in the G1 figure. The likeness is a great combination of the cartoon and the G1 toy. I love that they made it so you could have a near show accurate figure if you take off most of the armor and added the extra “helmet” to give Jetfire a different look. It is a great figure and I highly suggest it to anyone who likes Transformers or just large robot figures in general.


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