Transformers Generations Gears & Eclipse Review

The newest wave of Transformers Generations Legends class figures are hitting stores including an update for one of the original 1984 Minibots, Gears!


Generations Gears 01 MOC

Gears and Eclipse are carded like all the other legends class figures. The card features large artwork of Gears on it. Both Gears and Eclipse are repaints of Swerve and Flanker from the previous wave


Generations Gears 02

Gears has a good, stocky feel that’s reminiscent of the cartoon version of Gears.


Generations Gears 03

His face appears to be based on the cartoon more than the robotic looking face seen on the original toy.

Generations Gears 12 Compare

Generations Gears 04


Generations Gears 05

In robot mode Gears has a good amount of articulation for the smaller Legends Class. Shoulders, Elbows and Hips are all Ball Joints while the Knees are Hinges. This allows Gears to achieve some nice poses.


Generations Gears 06

The alt mode is similar to the original in that it’s a blue truck with a red bed and bumper. The style is more updated and reminds me of a newer pickup truck you see on the roads today.

Generations Gears 13 Compare



Generations Gears 08 Eclipse

Packaged with Gears is Eclipse. Eclipse is based off of the G1 Micromaster “Eagle Eye” who was packaged with the Air Patrol Team. (Interestingly enough, Flanker, who uses the same mold as Eclipse, was based off of “Sky High” who was packaged in the same Air Patrol Micromaster pack)

Generations Gears 07 Eclipse

Eclipse has 3 modes like most of the Legends partners. He can become a robot, large gun or an airplane. the plane mode looks similar to the Quinjets seen in recent Marvel movies and Agents of Shield.


Generations Gears 10 Eclipse

Eclipse is one of my favorite Legends partners for the simple fact that the gun mode looks completely different rather than the “bot mode with arms raised” look a few of the other partners have sported. In gun mode, Eclipse can be held in Gears’ hand or attached to the hole on the roof of his truck mode

Generations Gears 09 Eclipse


Gears is a fun little figure that keeps the aesthetic of the original toy, but adds a lot more to it. This is one of those successful updates that have made me enjoy collecting the Generations line. The only thing that would have made me giddy as a schoolchild would be if the truck hood had the sculpted Microchange M on it as a throwback to the G1 toys’ roots. Gears’ partner Eclipse has the distinction of being one of the first pack in partners that I love all 3 modes of. The plane mode is cool looking and the gun mode looks nothing like the bot mode, add in the G1 homage to the Micromasters and it reigns supreme in my book.

Generations Gears 11 Title