Transformers Generations Cosmos with Payload

New Transformers Generations Legends scale figures have been showing up in stores and we got our hands on Cosmos & Payload. Read on to find out what we thought about the pair.



Generations Cosmos 01 MOC

The packaging is the same as the previous wave of Legends scale Transformers. The back of the package shows pictures of the figures in the bubble and their tech specs.


Generations Cosmos 02

Here’s Cosmos in robot mode. He has all the basics from the original G1 figure, green body with yellow highlights, red head, cylindrical body, etc….

Generations Cosmos 03 Head


Generations Cosmos 05 Articulation 02

Generations Cosmos 04 Articulation 01

I believe this is the most articulated Cosmos that has been released (I missed the 25th anniversary one, but looking at pics of that one, I still feel this one has more articulation) The Shoulders, Elbows, Hips & Knees all have ball joints along with swivel joints. The torso and head also have swivel joints adding to the massive amount of articulation packed into this under 4 inch tall figure.


Generations Cosmos 06 UFO 01

Generations Cosmos 07 UFO 02

Generations Cosmos 08 UFO 03

Cosmos’ vehicle mode retains the classic UFO look but it’s appearance is a bit streamlined with a lot of small details all over the body.


Generations Cosmos 09 Payload Bot

Cosmos comes with Payload, who’s basically a triple changer Targetmaster (All of the Legends scale figures come with a similar figure/accessory) In robot mode, Payload has swivel arms.


Generations Cosmos 10 Payload Shuttle

There isn’t much to his transformation into a Shuttle other than swinging the wings down on his back.


Generations Cosmos 11 Payload Weapon

Lastly there’s the gun mode. Payload’s legs become the gun barrels after you slide the feet up, drop down the handle and fold the wings and arms back and you have a double barreled gun for Cosmos.


Generations Cosmos 12 Payload Blaster

Payload works as well as any Targetmaster but since he isn’t based on any G1 transformer (Like some of the previous Legends Accessories) I find less need to use this one in my collection.


Generations Cosmos 13 Robot Size

Generations Cosmos 14 Vehicle Size

Cosmos stands taller and is bulkier in his Robot and Vehicle modes than any of the vintage or 25th anniversary Minibots. The size isn’t so big though that he doesn’t still fit in with the 25th Minibots well enough.


Generations Cosmos 15 Title

I really enjoy this Cosmos. I was already a fan of the character, but both the UFO and the Robot modes look great and the amount of articulation in Robot mode makes this figure a must buy for me.