Transformers Generations Bombshell Review

The first wave of the Combiner Wars Generations line is hitting. Included in that wave is the Legends class Insecticon, Bombshell. Was he as good of an update as Skrapnel was? Read on!


Transformers Generations Bombshell 01

Bombshell has the same style packaging I showed in my Powerglide review with the darker color palette and Combiner Wars tag line.


Transformers Generations Bombshell 02

Just like all the Combiner Wars figures, Bombshell comes with a thick art card


Transformers Generations Bombshell 03

Bombshell looks much like he did in the G1 cartoon, comics, etc…


Transformers Generations Bombshell 04

All of the different joints allow the figure to have a great range of motion


Transformers Generations Bombshell 05

Bombshell can transform into his robotic rhinoceros beetle form, giving us two beetle Insecticons now in the Generations line.


Transformers Generations Bombshell 06

Compared to his G1 counterpart, you can see that not only has Bombshell improved in the articulation department, but also aesthetically. The legs are the big improvement, but I also like the paintjob a lot. I find the yellow parts on his chest pop a lot more than the translucent does on the G1 Insecticon.

In beetle form, the horn isn’t quite as long as the G1 version and that’s not really a problem. Even in this form, the legs are adding more bulk and color to the overall look.

Transformers Generations Bombshell 07


Transformers Generations Bombshell 08

Now we come to the one drawback Bombshell has……he makes Skrapnel look like a happy meal toy! Apparently getting rid of the triple changing targetmaster partner meant hitting Bombshell with a killer paint job. The metallic looking purple and the tampoed Decepticon logo really make Bombshell look like he was made years after Skrapnel (Who just came out 6 or so months ago!) Structurally, these two look great together, but Bombshell’s paint job means we’ll need an updated Skrapnel, or just have Kickback painted somewhere in the middle of these two so the whole team can mesh well together.


So is this Bombshell worth the $9.99 even without the triple changing targetmaster partner? YES! This is a great update with a superb paint job worthy of Takara Transformers. If you see it, buy it.


Transformers Generations Bombshell 09 Title