Transformers Generations Arcee Review

Just in time for Christmas, the newest wave of Transformers Generations Deluxe figures showed up on the store shelves. Now that the rush of the holidays are over we can take a look at one of the most anticipated figures from this wave….Arcee!


Transformers Generations Arcee 01

Arcee comes in the basic Deluxe Class packaging blistered to a card with a comic book providing a type of packaging artwork. The comic that comes with Arcee is Dark Cybertron #12 with an exclusive Arcee comic cover.

Transformers Generations Arcee 02 Dark Cybertron 12


Transformers Generations Arcee 03

Arcee looks very close to how she appeared on movie screens back in 1986. About the only differences are a few minor paint details (like her neck color) and the large backpack/car hood on her back instead of the smaller almost shoulder pad looking bits you see on the cartoon. Other than those detail, this is the Arcee we’ve been waiting for since the 80’s.


Transformers Generations Arcee 04

Her articulation is great allowing for some cool poses, there are multiple ball, swivel and hinge joints. The hips take a little fussing with to get more extreme poses but it can be done.


Transformers Generations Arcee 05

Arcee comes with two different blasters and two translucent swords. All 4 weapons can fit in either hand.

Transformers Generations Arcee 06


Transformers Generations Arcee 07

There’s also ports on her arms, legs and backpack for the weapons to plug into. The weapons all have tabs on them or you can use the handles to plug into these ports.


Transformers Generations Powerglide 11

As I posted in my review of Powerglide yesterday, Arcee fits in well with other sized Generations figures.


Transformers Generations Arcee 08

Arcee’s alt mode is based on her classic futuristic car as seen in the 1986 movie.

Transformers Generations Arcee 09


Transformers Generations Arcee 10

The interior of the car may not be large enough to fit any figures, but there are some nice details on the dashboard.


Transformers Generations Arcee 11

Arcee’s main blaster can be stored underneath the rear of the car mode using another port and the tab on the side of the blaster.


Transformers Generations Arcee 12

The other weapons can be stored on the various ports on the sides and top of the car.


This may not be the first time we’ve gotten an Arcee that has a futuristic car mode, but this one is the closest to how she looked in the 1986 animated movie and series 3 and 4 of the G1 cartoon. The transformation is fairly simple. I’ve heard people complaining about the large backpack that forms her hood but it’s not a big deal to me. These parts have to go somewhere after the transformation and the figure isn’t really hindered by the backpack. I have waited for an Arcee figure for years, when they came out with the first one in the Energon line I grabbed it even though it wasn’t exactly what I wanted, but just so I could have an Arcee figure. This figure is the one I wanted all those years ago and I’m glad they finally made her.


Transformers Generations Arcee 13 Title